Mizuki is a multi purposes bot that has cute side to it. 🎀
A discord bot that has a cute side to it. 🎀

Getting Started

Invite the bot

If you want to just use it, you can invite the bot directly into your server.

Deploy it yourself

  1. 1.
    Clone the repository.
git clone https://github.com/yoshikazuuu/mizuki.git
cd mizuki
  1. 2.
    Edit the config.example.json to the desired value.
nano .env.example
  1. 3.
    Rename the config.example.json to config.json.
mv .env.example .env
  1. 4.
    Install the dependencies.
npm install -g pnpm
pnpm i
  1. 5.
    Deploy the bot!
npm run deploy


If you wanted to contribute or make a bot to be more useful, you can just make a pull request.
I'd happily merge your request if it does look suitable with the bot itself.


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